About Giving50x52…

What: This blog will document a weekly gift of $50 over a one year period, beginning in September 2012. Giving50x52 is about stories…stories of interesting people and worthwhile organizations.  

Why: I’m not exactly sure why I am doing this, but I’ve thought about it for a few years. It’s been an idea that would pop in my head and I just couldn’t shake. So, on my 50th birthday, I just decided to start. Some of the reasons for doing this are:

    • To tell stories about interesting people, important causes and worthwhile organizations.
    • To push myself to meet people I might not normally talk to and to learn about organizations I might not know much about.
    • To heighten my consciousness and awareness of opportunities to connect with others, to help others and of the many great things being done in this community.
    • To motivate myself on giving, particularly “hands-on” giving.
    • To celebrate being 50 years old.

Where: Omaha, Nebraska and other locations when possible.

Who: My name is Bill Conley. I started this project on my 50th birthday and made the first gift the first week of September, 2012.

Other: This should be a fun journey and will certainly take me out of my comfort zone and provide some great opportunities to meet others. Obviously a gift of $50/week won’t change the world. The randomness of the gift might make someone’s day, lift their spirits…and likely mine at the same time.

These weekly gifts are not being made exclusively to people who need the money. There is no way for me to know their situation. I might just pick some people, or organizations, in the community that are doing great things as a “thank you”. What they do with the $50 is entirely their decision. I hope they can use it themselves for something they need or want. Perhaps they want to pay it forward to someone else or to a cause they care about.

The concept of “hands-on” giving is a key aspect of this journey, meaning I want to meet the person or learn more about the organization.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the blogs.

If you would like to contact me, my e-mail is giving50x52@gmail.com.

15 thoughts on “About Giving50x52…

  1. I absolutely love this venture of yours! It’s going to be an amazing 52 weeks!! I look forward to following your journey :).

  2. hey how you doing chief :)))) Finally I got a chance to go through your heart touching website. Hats off for your lovely inspirational thoughts and ideas. One thing I really like to share about this country and people like you is “you guys does make a difference in a life”. I am really touched with your work and I pray for all the success and great fortune with joy full life. Looking forward meeting with you.

  3. Very impressed and very inspired. Have enjoyed following your journey via this blog each week. Why stop after 52…? Cheers –

  4. Hi Bill! I love what you are doing and the impact you are making on society with your generosity. We hold an annual Polar Plunge to help support a local cause in raising funds and awareness. This will be our 5th annual Plunge and 3rd year supporting a local fund called the Super Coop Fund. It really does have it’s benefits in knowing you can help make a difference in someone’s life. Keep up the good work, we look forward to following your 52 weeks of giving.

  5. Bill this is just marvelous! What fun it must be to meet all of the people and hear their stories. I can clearly see how this can change a life, not just the recipient’s life, but yours also. The $50 is wonderful, however I bet the people who take the $50 feel much more from your generosity……they feel that someone cares.


  6. Bill, what an amazing idea. I heard about what you were doing from a Mom of one of my employees. You recently met a young lady by the name of Tiffany. You need to know that she took the $50 you gave her and bought games and art supplies and took them to the community center she works at and gave them to the children to enjoy. Your generosity has touched more lives than you may have anticipated.

  7. Bill, Happy Birthday!!! Thank you for sharing your amazing and inspiring journey via the blog. Your time and ability to listen and desire to really know the individuals has made such a difference in the lives of others. Starting your 50’s this way, makes me curious what the 60’s and 70’s will be like. Every time I drive past the Columbus Middle School sign, I think of you. Thanks again for sharing your blog!

  8. Bill, my nephew, Matt, was your #52. He is truly a remarkable young man and an accomplished golfer. He has had 2 holes in one in his 12 year life!! He is also very humble, taught to him by his dad, my brother. He has been taught not to brag or show off. Just do the job and walk away. I am so proud of him and all he has accomplished so far and know in my heart he will go far. Thank you for picking him from a crowd of thousands, to honor your Give50x52. You picked a winner!!! Nan F.

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