Week 1 – Casey

Off to a great start! The first person I offered the $50 to, accepted. Whew! His immediate reaction when I told him a little about what I was doing and when I asked him if he would accept the gift, he said, “I probably shouldn’t”. But, I convinced him.

I chose Casey because he is a person I see almost every day, but do not know. He works at Kum & Go in Omaha, and I probably stop in about 3 mornings a week to get a soda. He has always been pleasant.

casey 3

There are many people we run into in our daily lives. I, like most people, are usually too “busy” to make a connection. Casey was an important start to this journey as he represents the “strangers we know” in our lives. This year I plan to make these “people I know”.

Casey’s story is that he is 26 and from Ida Grove, Iowa. He told me he has worked for Kum & Go for about a year and a half.

I asked what he does when not at work and he mentioned that he was recently married. “Great, when did you get married?”….”Last Saturday”.  “Huh?”

Casey said he didn’t have the vacation time to get away for a honeymoon.

I joked with him that I would have gotten him a wedding gift, had I known…but as fate worked out, and so amazingly often does, I was able to provide a gift to these newlyweds. Casey and his wife are getting settled and he said he would probably use the $50 on household items for their place.

I ran out of questions for Casey and will have to get better at this. He offered that if I need anything else I can ask next time I’m in the store….so I might just do that.

See you next time Casey.

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