Week 6 – The girl with the dragon tattoo

Well, it really wasn’t a dragon, but this girl had some ink!  I was dumb enough to ask how many tattoos she had.  Apparently, this is better measured in hours and she has 70. This week’s gift went to someone I will call Lisbeth, which is the name of the lead character in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Lisbeth is a person I met a month or so ago.  She works at an area sports bar (I was there for research purposes).  On that night, Lisbeth was extremely friendly, and just seemed incredibly open and real.  For some reason it was just mentally noteworthy.

Today she was equally engaging and friendly…and refreshingly open.  She spoke of the challenges in her life (recovering drug addict, terminally ill mother, financial stress and more).

It would be fair to say that Lisbeth and I are at different ends of the scale in lots of ways…age, appearance, lifestyle, etc….and with her many tattoos and piercings, Lisbeth, to me, is a little intimidating.  Likely me in my corporate suit might be equally intimidating to her.

So do we focus on the differences we have with others or the similarities?  This week’s gift just reinforced in me how externalities can shape how we view others, but really does not tell us the real story about the person inside, or how we might be similar or agree, etc.

I think I can judge a good soul, and Lisbeth strikes me as a person with a great soul.  I’m grateful that I was able to meet her and get past the “outside” to learn just a little about what’s inside.

1 thought on “Week 6 – The girl with the dragon tattoo

  1. Would love to hear how you actually go about giving the money to these people you meet? Great idea by the way 🙂

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