Week 7 – David

David is perhaps one of the coolest guys I have ever met!

I met David tonight after I had a long day of meetings. He was having trouble using a credit Clancy's Pub photocard to pay this bill and it took several calls for the situation to be resolved.  I struck up a conversation and we ended up talking for nearly 2 hours.

David gave me so much information to comment on that I am struggling to remember.  Here is a person who has a Nigerian father and a British mother….raised by his mother as his father left when he was about 5.

He was active in motocross as a youth…also a gang. He was given, virtually, the ultimatum of going into the military after high school.  He instead chose to attend the University of Washington.

He returned to California, where he was raised and started a business….met his wife at Lowes.  He sold his business in California to relocate to Arizona to be with his wife and their children.  Two beautiful kids!

Now David works at Direct TV and is in Omaha doing installations for a month.

What was really interesting about tonight was that David took question after question and answered all of them.  We probably discussed things he may have never spoken with anyone else about.  He was open, candid and honest.

I told David that I was honored to include him in my “project”.  I also told him that I regret that he will only be in Omaha for a month…as I truly met someone in him that I would love to have in the area to connect with more often in the future!


As a side note, my daughter has given me great counsel as I go through this journey. She told me, “don’t force the gifts…look for the opportunity”.  I was not planning a gift tonight, but rather just a beer and my favorite wings and home early. Fate provided an incredible opportunity and a great investment of my time.

It is so impressive when your children provide you with such great advice!

3 thoughts on “Week 7 – David

  1. But what was the gift? to whom? I’m an American, married to Nigerian man for 48 years! So curious about David’s family.

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