Week 8 (part 2) – Cod Dam

Last spring I heard about a group of people that get together and attend fish fry events during Lent.  I was intrigued, so I joined the team.

Founded a few years ago by Jason (Cod Almighty) and Lamarr (The Codfather), the Cod Dam Fish Fry Team (“The Team”) has experienced significant growth.  During the 2012 “season”, it was common to have 30-40 members play each week.  The “mission” of The Team is to drink beer.  Their “vision” is to eat fish and their “values” are good times.

The Team has a website with a schedule of events as well as information on how you can purchase their official uniforms (both “home” and “away” …and don’t ask me what constitutes an away event).  http://www.coddamfishfrys.com/

Now I am not Catholic, so I was new to these fish frys…but it didn’t take long to acclimate (see “mission” and “vision” above).  The event is primarily a waiting game, standing in a line for an hour or two, or more before eating lots of different fried foods.  If it’s not in the tan/yellow color range, it’s not usually a food found at a fish fry.  The Team is opposed to efficiency.  Short lines are bad.  The Team has been known to wait in line…progress to the front of the line and then just go back to the end of the line.  So, as in life, for The Team, it’s all about the journey, not the destination!

My wife and I attended a few of the events this year.  My daughter even joined in on one.  They were a cod dam riot.  I believe we were instrumental in The Team having yet another undefeated season!

Behind the beer and fish is good fellowship and a tremendous amount of fun.  I’ve got many years on most members in terms of age, but everyone made me feel welcome.

Also behind the fun is that The Team raises funds from the sale of their merchandise to give to a local cause. This year, the funds are going to Pray for Change.  One night while waiting in line, I was summoned for a meeting with Cod Almighty and The Codfather.  I was a little worried.  They told me more about what Pray for Change is doing and wants to do.  Sounded like a good initiative, so I told The Codfather I would be happy to match whatever the group raised through the sale of stuff.

Yesterday, The Codfather contacted me for payment….and as I would never want to disappoint The Codfather, today I gladly fulfilled my match promise (a little more than my $50 weekly promise).

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2 thoughts on “Week 8 (part 2) – Cod Dam

  1. Your generosity is as much appreciated as your companionship at the Cod Dam events. The Codfather has combined our donations and Prayer for Change will surely be grateful. We will be doing a post-gift presentation after the Holidays that I will be sure to inform you of.

    Most importantly. Get ready for 2013! “Only Cod Can Judge Me” 🙂

    Cod Almighty

  2. I just started reading your blog (saw story in the World-Herald.). I love fish frys and was laughing so hard at this blog I was crying, very, very funny!

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