Week 9 – Randal

I really like Omaha…actually love Omaha!  This is a great place. This connection confirms what I already believe.

Today, I met Randal.  He moved here four years ago after his wife passed-away and because his sister and mother were here.  His sister moved to Omaha about 20 years ago, and their mother followed shortly after.

Randal is a talented 56 year-old musician. I ran into him in the Omaha Old Market area. He plays the saxiphone and other instruments and has been a musician all of his life.

He is also an artist, creating beautiful pieces out of glass.

He works parties at various locations around Omaha and plays in the Old Market to practice his music.

He told me he really likes Omaha.  The people in Omaha are “generous, nice and have accepted him”.

As an example, Randal told me about a stranger he met last year who bought him a “$2,000 van”.

He also said that Wynton Marsalis came to Omaha last year and Randal invited them to a party he was playing at.  They showed up and played with Randal on stage.

Randal has a 29 year-old son who is in the film industry in California.

He offered, without any question, “The whole world is full of chaos, so you can’t be afraid to share your expressions”.

I’ve got nothing better to add…great advice!

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