Week 13 – Mrs. Purviance & Pawnee Elementary School

It seems just yesterday that this yearlong journey of giving began…and with this week’s gift, I’m 25% of the way through.  Just another reminder of how fast time goes and if you are going to do something, you better get to it!

One of the videos on my “Motivation” page is a TED presentation by Michael Norton entitled, “How to Buy Happiness”.  If you haven’t watched this, I highly recommend it.

At the end of Michael Norton’s presentation he mentions an organization/website called DonorsChoose.org.  This site makes it easy to connect with education projects and to help classrooms in need.  Public school teachers post classroom project requests, which range from pencils for poetry to microscopes for mitochondria.

So, feeling inspired, I went to DonorsChoose.org and found a local project in a high poverty area of my community.  The project is called, “Words! Words! Words!” and is to fund the purchase of supplies.

This particular project had already received 6 donors toward the total project cost of $357 and needed $58.67 to complete the fundraising for these supplies.  One thing that is nice is that the NEA Foundation, on many of the projects, provides a challenge match and will fund 50% of the project if someone provides the remainder (The NEA Foundation is an independent, public charity supported by contributions from educators, corporate sponsors, and others).

The Words! Words! Words! project is in Nicole Purviance’s class at Pawnee Elementary School in Omaha.

In my opinion, teachers are the most under-appreciated profession.  I plan to make additional weekly gifts in this area, but with this week’s gift, Mrs. Purviance’s class project is now fully-funded. Thank you Nicole and all teachers for what you do!

On the next page are Ms. Purviance’s words to describe her students and project:

2 thoughts on “Week 13 – Mrs. Purviance & Pawnee Elementary School

  1. Thank you from “Mrs. P”:

    Dear Giving50x52.com,
    Thank you very much for your generous donation to my project. As an early childhood educator, I know that these materials will create a foundation for learning this year and many years to come. The materials that you have funded will allow young students to manipulate letters to build high frequency words which will in return help them learn how to read and write. What a great way to learn to read! Thank you very much! I can’t wait to see learning come to life for my students!
    With gratitude,
    Mrs. P

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