Week 17 – Victoria

I think that when I look back on giving50x52 and this year of giving, my blog will represent a journal, an account, of what happened in my life, around me and in this world during this period of time.

So it is sad to have this as one of the posts, but a necessary tribute.

A week ago, late on Sunday evening, I received a call I never want to get again.

I was informed that a UNO employee was presumed to be one of two people murdered near Ewing, Nebraska.  Unfortunately, this was confirmed about a day later.

Victoria LeeI have had the great pleasure to get to know Victoria. We met a couple years ago when she was a student worker in the UNO Food Services operation. She left UNO about a year ago but recently returned as a part-time worker in our catering area.

In the week prior to this horrific incident, I saw her at events on Monday and Wednesday, and both times briefly talking with her.

One thing I appreciated about Victoria was that, from the time we met, we joked with each other and gave the other person a hard time….in a positive, joking way.  She would give me grief about something and I would mock complain about UNO Food Services (food quality, poor service, etc. – both of which are always spectacular).

This week’s contribution is to the “Victoria Lee Memorial” fund at Midstates Bank to help the family pay for the funeral services.

Victoria had a good sense of humor to go with her great smile and personality.

Another talented young life cut short by evil. There is way too much of that going on.

Victoria will be so missed!

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