Week 18 – Just say yes

Saying “yes” feels good.

The other day I had stopped in a mall parking lot and when I got out of my car a guy (African-American, 30ish) approached me.  He said his car was out of fuel and he needed money to buy some gas.  He asked if I could give him a few bucks to get home.

Typically, I would do one or more of the following:

  1. Assume the person is lying about the circumstances and is just begging.
  2. Judge.
  3. Ignore.
  4. Walk away.
  5. Just say no.

On this day, I chose another option.

Yes, I think I can help you out”, I said and pulled out a $50, handed it to him and walked away. 50-bill-front

He took it and said, “Thanks…wow, THANKS A LOT…Merry Christmas!”.

Saying yes, at least sometimes, is rewarding…and exceeding expectations is always fun.

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