Week 23 – Megan

On my 50th birthday back in August, as I was finalizing plans for this year of giving thing, my wife had a meeting and I was on my own for dinner. We had already over-celebrated the birthday, so that was perfectly fine with me.

I took the opportunity to stop at my favorite place, Buffalo Wild Wings, for some wings on Megan photo with methe way home from work. On that evening, I mentioned to my server, Megan, that it was my birthday and I asked her [big mistake] how old she thought I was. Her quick and confident response was….”61”.


Although it hurt a little [particularly that she was more than a decade off!], it was a great laugh.

Megan has a welcoming personality and is very friendly. She grew up in the area and attended Bryan H.S. and then went to Briar Cliff and graduated with a degree in Mass Communication. Married, and raising a young daughter, her hours at BWW work well with their busy schedule.

Yesterday,  I ran into Megan at BWW and asked her to do me a favor as the week 23 recipient.

I told her she has a good soul…and that it is “giving50x52″, not “giving61x52″.

I have no plans to ask Megan to guess my weight!

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