Week 27 – Rick Staack

Last Sunday (February 17th) there was a fundraiser for Sarpy County Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Staack, who was diagnosed last year with anaplastic astrocytoma, a brain cancer.

Rick StaackI don’t know Deputy Staack…so I stopped by.

The fundraiser was held from 11am to 7pm at the Belvedere in downtown Papillion. When I arrived around 4pm, Rick was taking a rest so I didn’t get a chance to meet him, but I did get to meet his wife Shelley and to visit with her for a few minutes.

Shelley told me that her husband has been with the sheriff’s office for nearly 25 years and is one of the office’s expert investigators and a member of the SWAT team since its founding in 1995.

As reported in the Papillion Times, Lt. Mark Trapp with the sheriff’s office described Rick as “incredibly involved with the community” and “a very kind, generous man, with an amazing wealth of knowledge”.

Rick has been honored with several awards for his dedication and hard work.

Outside of work, Rick is a seventh-degree black belt and owns and operates Gretna Tae Kwando.

A testament to Rick’s character was that the hall was completely packed! It’s also a reflection of our outstanding and supportive community!

Shelley asked me if this (Giving50x52) was some sort of “religious thing”. My knee-jerk response was, “Not really, just a fun mid-life crisis thing.” [There’s some truth in that comment…if you remove the word “crisis”].

It’s a privilege to support the Staack family. I thank him and all members of law enforcement for their service and I join the community in wishing Rick a quick and full recovery!

If you want to support the Staack family with medical expenses, checks can be mailed to Omaha Police Federal Credit Union, 10791 S 72nd St., Papillion, NE 68046 in care of Rick Staack.


UPDATE: Sad news to report that Deputy Staack lost his courageous battle on March 27, 2013.

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