Week 28 – Deb & Dan

The interior of my car has an unmistakable gasoline aroma.

My four year-old Hyundai Santa Fe has been in the dealership at least five times (I’ve lost check engine lighttrack) in the past 90 days for the same problem that I was assured was solved each time. This has not been a good experience with this particular dealership. Next week, the car will once again be back at the dealership, but until then I drive it with the slight odor and check engine light shining and hope I get to my destination.

I’ve never allowed smoking in my car for health/breathing reasons. Now we have to strictly follow the no smoking rule for combustible reasons!

This situation started with my gasoline gauge doing weird things…showing as empty just after I filled up, etc.  Since this problem was likely covered by my manufacturer’s warranty, I took it to the dealer. Otherwise, I would have gone to see Deb & Dan.

Deb & Dan have owned and operated the Regency Service Center & BP gas station at 108th & Pacific for over 7 years. I have relied on them to help me out when my car or my wife/kids’ cars need attention.

These two (Deb & Dan) are the hardest working, most honest and friendly people in the business. They care. They will follow-up with you when they say they will and they will get the work done. I’ve never been surprised by a bill or been anything short of impressed with the service!

Deb runs the office (and maintains the beautiful garden in front) and Dan runs the shop.

The other day as I was driving, gazing at my “check engine” light and thinking of better (vehicle) times…I thought of Deb & Dan.  I took a detour and headed over to say hello and to drop off a $50 to this terrific couple.

I needed some good Carma!  (sorry)

1 thought on “Week 28 – Deb & Dan

  1. Love the pun :). It’s hard to find honest, friendly, capable, and integral car people so it’s awesome that you appreciated this great couple. I hope your car problems are solved quickly!!

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