Week 29 – Tiffany

After my whiny post (but sincere gift) last week involving gasoline, I thought it best to follow-up by buying someone some gas. So, I drove my fresh smelling loaner vehicle toward North Omaha and found a gas station and started the stake-out.

After a while, but before the police were called, I noticed Tiffany drive up and get out of her car to get gas. Tiffany would be my random gas of kindness.

Tiffany is young (unlike Megan – see week 23) and had the standard look of puzzlement as I approached. My line, as usual, was to say hello and that I’m doing a weekly random act of kindness thing for a year and to ask her to do me a favor and to “be my week 29”. Before she answers, I just tell her that all she needs to do is take this (I offer the $50 bill) and that is it.

I hand her the $50 bill.

Blank stare.

“Uh, ok.”

Side note…my son and I like the show “psych” (USA Network, Wednesdays at 10/9c). I think I sometimes share in the extraordinary power of observation that Shawn Spencer, the lead character, possesses. Allow me to demonstrate…

I asked Tiffany her name and started up some small talk as I secretly gazed at her vehicle shawn spencer photoand noticed her parking permit hanging from her rear view mirror. I asked her if she was a student. She said that she was, and that she attends UNO. Of course I already knew that (since I saw her UNO parking permit), but I acted surprised. I told her that I am also at UNO. Tiffany is a Junior studying Elementary Education in our outstanding College of Education.

Tiffany is from Omaha and attended Mercy High School.  I didn’t know that. I guessed North High School, then Central High School. I had nothing to go on.

But another example of my psychic power was when I was quick to deduce that Tiffany works part-time at the City of Omaha Parks and Recreation Department…as she was wearing a City of Omaha Parks and Recreation Department sweatshirt.


Tiffany was very nice and friendly…and it was great to get to meet her!

2 thoughts on “Week 29 – Tiffany

  1. Thanks so much for that gift and I wanted to let you that I used that money on the kids that I work with at a City of Omaha Community Center. Some of these children do not eat when they get home from school so we feed them in our after schoo program. I purchased ice cream and two bags of torilla chips for part of a snack and or dessert. They also now have the game Clue (that we also do live) because they love it and art supplies as well. Thank you so much because with the money that you gave me, was given to my children at the center. I have always wanted to get them some new stuff but wasn’t able to but thanks to you I got to do exactly that, again thank you so much from all of us.

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