Week 30 – Jennifer & Jose

I had “giver’s block”.

I really wasn’t sure what this week’s gift was going to be. I was struggling to find the right situation…lots of ideas and no focus.

So, after work on Thursday evening I just headed downtown…almost looking for inspiration or a sign.

How about a woman in a wedding dress rushing to the courthouse? Yup, that got my attention!

In fact, I was in such a hurry to park my car and catch up to them that I bumped the car behind me when parallel parking. A guy walking toward the courthouse noticed this and turned and approached me with his somewhat intimidatingly-large, friend.

At this point, I’m re-thinking this idea.

Turns out the first guy is Jose, the groom-to-be. Could it be? Yes, my friends, I had indeed backed into the groom’s car!

Fortunately, no damage.

I walked back toward the courthouse with the guys and spoke with Jose and his about-to-be bride, Jennifer. They photo-18had an appointment with a judge to be married and were trying to find the right way into the building.

Jose and Jennifer met and still work together at Golden Corral. Jennifer is from Illinois and Jose is from Mexico. They were both very nice people…particularly to a guy that just backed into their car. I told them congratulations and wished them well.

These weekly gifts are not always right in front of me…sometimes I just back right into them!

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