Week 31 – Erika

Last fall the dry cleaner that I had used for years, Armstrong, was sold to VIP Cleaners. It was disappointing.

With this sale came a new computer system, procedures and personnel.  I was quite happy with the way things were.

Change can be disruptive…and sometimes unpleasant.  But, can often provide opportunity.

Opportunity came this week in the form of Erika. I met Erika only a few weeks ago and had a brief conversation with her. Erika had been working at another VIP location and was newly assigned to “my” location, so for both of us there was some change going on.

Erika 2During my drop-off/pick-up this week, I called Erika by name when I entered and gave her a hard time when she couldn’t recall my name (from the one previous time we had met!). I didn’t expect her to remember before my visit…but perhaps after?

I asked her a few questions. Erika is originally from San Francisco and came here several years ago to live with her grandmother. She graduated from Burke High School in 2012 and is thinking about continuing her education at some point. I hope she does. Higher education is change that definitely provides opportunity.

Great to get to know Erika.

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