Week 34 – Completely KIDS

Completely KIDS is an Omaha nonprofit whose mission is to develop youth and their families through Out-of-School Time and Family Strengthening programs in communities where they live.

Their programming annually serves more than 2,000 children and their families to give them the tools they need to become confident, contributing members of our community.

Completely KIDS addresses the needs of the whole child through youth development, Completely KIDSacademic, nutrition, and family programs. They offer a safe and educational experience for kids ages 4-18 during the often unsupervised hours before and after school, and during the summer (what they call “Out-of-School Time”).

Completely KIDS, formerly known as Camp Fire USA Midlands Council, Inc., was founded in 1920 as a club program that served girls and young women. As the Omaha Council of Camp Fire Girls, it flourished through the 1960s with a membership of 4,000.

In the 1970s, the program, along with many youth clubs nationally, began a steady decline. Boys were admitted in 1976.

Omaha’s Camp Fire began to reach out to the needs of underserved communities in the 1980s. This included self-reliance and enrichment activities for after-school programs in North and South Omaha.

Services to children in homeless shelters began in 1991. In 1995, they dissolved the club program to eliminate a duplication of services and began utilizing its traditional programming skills operating after-school programs for the underserved.

In 2011, they disaffiliated from the national Camp Fire organization and changed their name to Completely KIDS. This allowed the organization to keep more dollars in our community and have a name that reflects a local mission.

Completely KIDS has an outstanding staff and is led by Penny Parker, who has served as Executive Director for over 20 years.

This past week (on April 10th) I had the opportunity to attend the Completely KIDS annual author luncheon. Dr. Michael Osit, author of, “Generation Text: Raising Well-Adjusted Kids in an Age of Instant Everything,” spoke. After the luncheon I briefly spoke with Penny and provided her a $50 contribution to Completely KIDS with my compliments on the great work they do!

Below is a link to find out more about Completely KIDS:


2 thoughts on “Week 34 – Completely KIDS

  1. My brother has been the Executive Director of a similar non-profit in inner city Nashville for the past decade. I applaud organizations like Completely Kids who work so tirelessly with kids because who better to invest in than our future generations. Love this!!

  2. What a great organization! My kids have been participants in Completely Kids for six years. We feel lucky to have the program in our girls’ schools (Gomez Heritage Elementary and Marrs Middle School). Thanks for supporting CK, Bill!

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