Week 37 – Brian

Last Monday I had the chance to attend the Playmakers Legends 4th Annual Fundraiser & Kickoff Luncheon.

Playmakers mentors boys and families in core values that include, Academics, Family, Serving Others and Winning with Honor to build uncommon men in the community. The program uses football as the carrot to get young men involved and provides mentorship, reading and academic support and assistance. Many of these boys advance a full grade level of reading during a single “football” summer camp.

Playmakers is led by Executive Director Greg “Coach Roz” Roeszler. Coach Roz provided those at the luncheon a great presentation on what Playmakers is and the difference that the program makes in the lives of young men. Playmakers has expanded from California to Omaha over the past couple of years.

But Brian stole the show.

Brian travelled with Coach Roz from California and stood up at the end and made some remarks and answered questions. This trip was the first time Brian had been on a plane…or even been outside of his city, for that matter.


Brian is an 8th grader on his way to becoming an uncommon man.  That’s what he told us during his presentation…and I believe him!

After the luncheon, I sat down with Brian and spoke with him, told him of my journey and gave him a $50 bill. His reaction, “is that real”?

Brian plays receiver and outside linebacker on the football field (prefers receiver) but now plays it straight off the field. Since joining the Playmakers program about three years ago, he has gone from a kid in trouble and in alternative school to being in an excellent school with very grood grades. He had been suspended five times pre-Playmakers…none since.

Brian believes in the four Playmaker values and recited them proudly for the luncheon attendees. He likes that Playmakers “shows right from wrong and helps me get better at school”. As a father of a daughter, I love his answer when asked how he should treat women…and Brian said, “Like Coach’s daughter”.

Brian was the first person I met at the luncheon. He greeted me at the door, shook my hand and said hello.

As I sat and spoke with Brian after the luncheon, he probably was wondering who this crazy guy from Omaha was that just handed him $50.

I was wondering what this uncommon man will grow to become!


1 thought on “Week 37 – Brian

  1. I’d say Brian is already well on his way to becoming an uncommon man! What an inspirational story!!

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