Week 38 – Sierra

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!

Each week I really don’t know what I am going to do and I don’t really plan the weekly gifts, but rather try to let them come to me. On Thursday of this past week I stopped in the local Fareway Food Store in LaVista to see if anything caught my eye. Gracie did just that.

FarewayGracie and her mom were in the check out line and I quickly grabbed a diet Mtn Dew so I could stand in line behind and not look completely obvious as I follow. [Surely, people stop at the grocery store for a single bottle of soda!]  As I waited in line  Gracie gave me a big smile, as if she was wise beyond her years and thinking, “this guy behind us in the suit is funny”.

Then, the clerk at the next register asked me to come over to her line as she was open. “Come on”, I thought, “I want to wait in line here”….but I moved over, paid and walked to my car. [the clerk asked me if I wanted a bag for my one, 16 ounce bottle of soda…and I just gave her a blank look and was about to say no when she said, “oh, probably not”].

As I got to my car and about to leave I noticed that Gracie and her mom happened to park next to me in the parking lot. This had to be a sign. So, I approached and introduced myself to her mother, Sierra and told her of my giving50x52 journey. She was very friendly and was willing to participate!

We ended up having a nice, brief conversation. Sierra is the single mom of Gracie, a cutie, who will be three in August. Sierra, an Omaha native and graduate of Millard West High School, mentioned that her mom just moved to Florida, so she is adjusting to life without mom around all the time.  Sierra works at a child care center.

I wished her a happy Mother’s Day and was on my way, glad that I found a wonderful example of a caring mother for this Mother’s Day installment of giving50x52.

1 thought on “Week 38 – Sierra

  1. I came across your blog and have really enjoyed reading it… You are a wonderful person for what you have done for so many people. This particular story caught my eye because I am a friend of Sierra’s. She is such a wonderful mom and does so much to give Gracie everything in life that she deserves.. I am so happy that you could help her.. Thank you for all of your random acts of kindness, you may never know how much they mean to people… Good luck in all you do…..

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