Week 39 – Steve, Ramsey, Reece & Lilly

LINCOLN, NEBRASKA – I’ve been on the “hunt” for a good weekly experience for this blog. My mind has been working on about ten ideas, but I think that has been getting in the way of me seeing the opportunities right in front of me.

This one was, literally, right in front of me…as in the line at Walgreens.

Graduation parties took us to Lincoln today (Sunday) and we stopped on the way at Walgreens at 84th & Northern Lights Drive to pick up a card. My wife was looking for cards while I looked around the store and found a couple things to get. I decided, not knowing how long it might take her, to go ahead and check out with my items and wait outside.

So, I got in line and was behind a guy and three kids. His total was a little over $20 and the clerk ran his credit card twice and both times it didn’t work. No problem, he said, he would come back later.

Fortunately, my mind (which was in the process of working on other Giving50x52 ideas) picked-up on the opportunity and allowed my brain to function and enable me to speak and offer to take care of his bill. The guy thanked me and he and his kids headed for their car.

My brain is beginning to clear up at this point and I hurriedly paid for my two sale-priced toothbrushes and rushed to follow this family. I caught up to them at their car and I made my usual Giving50x52 pitch and request.

They accepted my request to be my week 39 recipients, and I was thrilled. I told them briefly of my unusual journey and purpose. I then asked a few questions and learned a little about them.

I learned that the father is Steve (tracked down a photo of him shown here) and with him was Ramsey, Reece and Lilly. They are from Murdock, Nebraska and attend church in Lincoln.

A little of the background I got on them was that Steve has been divorced for about three Steve Borlandyears and his ex-wife moved to Florida. I didn’t ask, but I assumed he was raising these three beautiful children on his own. Steve is a part owner in a business called Minaska Outdoors, located near 12th & Cornhusker in Lincoln. They manufacture electronic game calls. I’m not a hunter, so this meant nothing to me and my wife until we looked them up online. We thought this might have something to do with video games at first!

These were four of the nicest people I have met on the Giving50x52 journey…and I’ve met some great people!

Yet again, the importance of opening our eyes (and ears) to the opportunities right in front of us presented itself today.  That is a call I want to hear.

On to the fourth & final quarter of Giving50x52!

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