Week 40 – Debra

She could talk a mean wing.  And when she said she preferred them from Old Chicago…at least partially because of the accompanying beer tours, she had my attention!

On Friday I stopped by the Sara Lee Bakery Outlet on north 72nd Street to see if I could get rid of some bread. Debra was there to sell it.

Sara lee signI browsed and bought a few things and somehow got in a conversation with Debra about wings. Not sure how that happened, but I’m sure that in terms of passion for wings I was outmatched. Debra had game.

So, I asked her to be my week 40 and she initially declined. She wouldn’t accept the dough.

I told her I kneaded her to take it…and she finally agreed to take the bones.

I will continue these …I can rise to the occasion.

Ok enough already…Debra has worked at the Sara Lee Bakery Outlet for 16 years. She has a son, Javon, who is a freshman basketball player at Benson High School and two older daughters. Debra is from Fort City, Arkansas and came to Omaha when her mom brought her here. She has never been married, but says she is still looking.

Debra has a very fun personality and kept asking her co-worker, “Can I do this?” and after about the third time of hearing “yes” she then asked me, “is this real?”.

Interestingly, since I was wearing a shirt with a UNO “O” on it, we talked about UNO and she said that Javon is going to be involved this summer with some UNO-related program. It turns out it is SummerWorks Omaha, which is an outstanding program operated by UNO (Kathe Oleson Lyons) and graciously funded by the Peter Kiewit Foundation, the Robert B. Daugherty Charitable Foundation and the Sherwood Foundation.

The nine-week SummerWorks Omaha program is designed for about 150 select high school students, aged 15 – 18, who desire to earn an income through summer employment. During the program the students also learn important skills that can be used to secure future employment and encourage active citizenship in the Omaha community.

Debra is thrilled that Javon is going to be in this program.

So are we!

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