Week 40 (part 2) – Nothing But Nets

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer and quite often the official start of mosquito season. To most of us, mosquitoes are a nuisance and seasonal, but what if that season (mosquito) never ended, and was deadly?

My favorite columnist is undoubtedly Rick Reilly. For years, I’ve looked forward to getting the weekly Sports Illustrated/ESPN Magazine and immediately turn to read his column…and I’ve read all of his books. One of his columns that I have never forgotten was from April 2006 titled, Nothing But Nets.  Here is a link to that column.


Nothing but netsRick Reilly’s column and his leadership led to the creation of the United Nations Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign. His efforts have inspired the largest global, grassroots campaign to fight malaria. It’s hard to imagine a better tag line for a person or columnist!  Rick is nothing short of impressive to me as a writer and humanitarian!

Since 2006, more than $45 million has been raised to send over 7 million life-saving bed nets to families across sub-Saharan Africa. Here are some facts about malaria:

  • Malaria is one of the world’s most serious global health issues. More than 200 million people each year are infected, and more than 600,000 of those die, EACH YEAR.
  • Malaria is particularly devastating in Africa where the disease is a leading cause of death among children. Every 60 seconds, a child in Africa dies from a malaria infection.
  • Malaria is a disease transmitted by mosquitoes that bite at night.
  • Malaria is a preventable disease.
  • A long-lasting, insecticide-treated bed net creates a physical barrier against deadly malaria-carrying mosquitoes.
  • The insecticide woven into the net kills mosquitoes, preventing them from biting their next victim. This reduces malaria across a community.
  • Bed nets can reduce malaria transmission by 90 percent in areas with high bed net coverage rates. Thanks to bed nets and other tools, malaria deaths in Africa have dropped by one third in the past decade.

Until today, I had offered up nothing but air balls on Rick’s effort.  Since just $10 provides a net and saves a life, today Giving50x52 funded 5 nets in this mid-week effort.

“Nothing but net!”

To find out more, please go to:  http://www.nothingbutnets.net

1 thought on “Week 40 (part 2) – Nothing But Nets

  1. It’s so great that you turned the spotlight on Rick Reilly and such a worthwhile campaign this week. You may well have saved 5 lives!!!

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