Week 41 – Kalvin

On Friday I was up and out of the house around 5 am. I had things to do and a bus (stop) to catch.

My idea this week was to select one of the many bus stops that I pass every day and pick the first person to arrive to wait for their bus. So, I staked out a bus bench near 72nd and Dodge.  Shortly before 6am a young man showed up.. and it was go time.

omaha metroI introduced myself to Kalvin, shook his hand and provided him the usual background on what I’m doing.  He agreed to be week 41.

Kalvin is an extremely pleasant and friendly guy. He is a plumber for Wonder Plumbing and was taking the bus to a job site. He said his car was being repaired and I commented that the $50 might help with that bill and he smiled and agreed.

Kalvin is 25, single, a graduate of Benson High School and has been a plumber for six years.

Kalvin is a pretty impressive guy. When asked what he likes to do away from work, he said he likes to spend time with his mom and family.

I sat and spoke with Kalvin for a few minutes on the bus bench as he waited for his bus, the Route#2, to arrive. When it did, we shook hands again and went our separate ways to our work.

Fridays always feel good, but after meeting Kalvin, this Friday felt especially great.

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