Week 45 – Maew & Shinichi

On Silvia and my 27th wedding anniversary, we attended the Shakespeare on the Green performance of Titus Andronicus in Omaha. Before the play began, I walked around the grass park and met a wonderful married couple who agreed to be a part of the Giving50x52 journey as week 45.

Maew & ShinichiShinichi and Maew were sitting toward the back of the park, waiting to watch Shakespeare and they caught my attention.  Maybe it was the Japanese mat that they were sitting on…or that they looked like a remarkably engaging couple.

Anyway, I just walked up and sat down next to them and started talking and listening. I’m reasonably certain that they thought it was both weird and funny that I just plopped down next to them and started talking to them, but they played along.

Shinichi, from Japan, is a student at Northwest Missouri State University but is in Omaha this summer attending a program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. He is studying therapeutic recreation and plans to graduate in May 2014.

Maew, from Thailand, is in the process of writing her dissertation to finish her PhD in plant pathology. Maew and Shinichi met when they both studied at a University in Japan in, I believe, Tsukuba.

It was fun and coincidental that on my anniversary I get the chance to meet a young married couple who are about to celebrate their 2nd anniversary in just a week.

Shinichi and Maew were very friendly and warm people! It was fun talking with them. Both are people that I am really glad to have met and who I hope to have the opportunity to run into again someday.

1 thought on “Week 45 – Maew & Shinichi

  1. Dear Bill,

    It was really nice to see you on the green! We hoped you had a great anniversary.
    What you have been done was such a surprising idea and interesting.
    I personally hoped we could have more time to talk with you (it was more interesting than the show, lol)

    I liked your Motivation page with a lot of inspiring videos as well!

    We really hope you enjoy the rest of the weeks of meeting people.

    Meaw and Shinichi

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