Week 46 – Alexis & Mike

The sign said, “Traveling, broke and hungry”.  It was handwritten on a piece of cardboard and held by a young woman as I was heading home from work on July 3rd.

Of course I had to stop.

Her name is Alexis, who is from Michigan. Her traveling companion with the guitar is Mike, who is from Connecticut. They met about 2-1/2 years ago in New Orleans.

Alexis & MikeThey travel the country, work jobs when and where they can get them and move on. This was their third and likely final day in Omaha as they make their way to Kansas City from the west coast.

They travel mostly by hopping on freight trains. Sometimes they travel by bus.

Traveling with them is their dog, Porter.

I asked what they might do with $50 and Alexis showed me her shoes that were worn through. She also said they use gifts to buy food and sometimes a hotel room.

I’ve sometimes referred to the Giving50x52 experience as a journey. But my journey is nothing compared to the journey that these two are on!

We had a nice conversation and as I left I wished them well and safe travels.

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