Week 47 – Liz

I’m going to call this week…patience and patients.

It hasn’t gotten much easier…approaching people that I don’t know, initiating conversation and handing them a $50 bill.

And some weeks it just seems more difficult than others. Maybe I’m trying to make it fit my schedule or my plan. It goes back to something I wrote about early on in the year about consciousness and awareness and not forcing something that doesn’t seem or feel comfortable or right. Have patience.

So as difficult as this week was to accomplish, it was well worth it.

Things have been tremendously busy at the office lately and I worked through the noon hour again on Friday, so I drove out for a quick, late lunch. When heading back through Elmwood Park, I unexpectedly spotted my next Giving50x52 participant.

elmwood parkLiz was hanging out in the park on a blanket…studying, listening to music and generally enjoying the day. I selected her because I wished I was doing the same!

Liz is a nursing student at Nebraska Methodist College and will graduate in May 2014. She is from Omaha and attended Burke High School. We figured out that Liz and I have a mutual acquaintance, the son (Nick) of a good friend of mine (Joel).

After high school, Liz studied for three years at UNL. She is taking classes this summer while working at the medical center. Liz and her husband, Will, were married in May 2012 and they live in central Omaha.

[Side note: It might be interesting at the end of the Giving50x52 year to establish various “best ___________” categories and honor the best of the best during the year for various things. If I do this, Liz will likely get the award for the best conversation, which is saying a lot as I’ve had many rich encounters during the year.]

I’m generally fascinated by the reactions I get from people. Maybe I look harmless or evoke sympathy, but everyone I have talked with on the Giving50x52 journey has been really nice. Liz was refreshingly engaging and enjoyable to talk with. Usually I’m the one asking all the questions, but she started asking me questions about my experiences during the year. It was a fun conversation.

Whatever medical organization that hires Liz when she graduates is going to be very fortunate, but perhaps not as much as her patients.

As the saying goes, “It is the lives we encounter that make life worth living.”  (Guy de Maupassant)

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