Week 48 – Jodi & Nikki

I almost struck out this week.

Another busy week, so I ventured out on Friday during lunch.  First stop was in midtown near 33rd and Jackson where I met three people from Myanmar…I think. I’m not entirely sure because they spoke no English and we fumbled through a brief encounter. I offered them the $50, but I think I scared them. Swing and a miss, strike one.

Second opportunity was an older, skinny man walking down Dodge Street around 54th. I pulled over and approached him and started talking to him. Let’s just say that he was on a different frequency. He looked at me but it was like he was looking through me. He was talking, or mumbling, but it didn’t make any sense to me. [Maybe he was saying, “keep going, your destination is still in front of you”…who knows?]. Strike two.

So I drove further west to the Goodwill Store parking lot at 78th & Dodge and saw a VW bug with eyelashes on the headlights. That looked interesting, so I decided to wait for the owner to come out.

That person was Jodi and she was with her friend Nikki. By the time I got to their car, they were in the car and the car was running. Jodi looked a little puzzled when I walked up and started talking to them. Who wouldn’t? I gave them the background on Giving50x52 and they agreed to participate. A hit…and a double!

Jodi & Nikki2Jodi is from Omaha and is a dancer. I was quite surprised to hear that she has four children, the youngest of which is 20 years old. Surprised because she looks about 20 years old herself.

Nikki does massage therapy and is also a dancer. She is from Denver and in Omaha for a couple weeks.

Jodi shared that she is a strong Christian, evidenced by her words and even her tattoos. She said that we need to surrender to God’s will/plan. She said life is not easy and said she felt somewhat misled or misguided (earlier in life) on how we are “programmed” about what is important in life.

It’s not things”, she said.

They both spoke of life’s challenges, in general. I sensed that they had each had some difficulties. I didn’t pursue specifics…just offered encouragement. They both had a positive attitude of perseverance.

Jodi’s spiritual beliefs were deep and strong. I was impressed. Perhaps there was a reason that it took three times to get this week’s gift accomplished. Maybe it was important for me to be inspired by her!

It was great to meet them both..they are both wonderful people.

1 thought on “Week 48 – Jodi & Nikki

  1. Hi bill, thank u for the wonderful encounter, we all had!!!! Your blogs are amazing. I thank Jesus for our meeting. Take care and god bless u.

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