Week 48 (part 2) – Outward Bound Omaha

On May 22nd, as part of the OmahaGives! day, Giving50x52 gave $50 to Outward Bound Omaha. This organization is headed by my good friend Scott Hazelrigg, who worked hard to bring Outward Bound to Omaha.

As background…in 2010, Outward Bound Omaha was created to bring high quality experiential education programs to Nebraska. Based on a curriculum that is focused on developing high quality leaders within the Omaha metro area, they serve students through school-based programs, one-day challenge course programs, and backcountry expeditions. In addition to youth programs, Outward Bound Omaha provides programs that focus on corporate teambuilding and educator training.

Outward BoundPreviously, I’ve been invited to participate in the Outward Bound Omaha Hitchcock High Ropes Challenge Course but could not attend, so when another invitation came this summer I made it a priority to participate on June 30th…and did it with my whole family.

The first part of the session included several activities to get to know the others in our group. There were the four Conleys and ten others in this group. We then went to their Team Development Course and worked as a group to solve a couple problems that just may have saved the world!

Finally, it was time to ascend up the 40 foot Hitchcock High Ropes Challenge Course. After we climbed up the cargo nets to the first landing the instructor asked us if we were “a) in our comfort zone, b) in our learning zone, or c) in our panic zone.”

Well, at that point, I’m thinking this is pretty simple, “A…bring it on”.

Yep, maybe I was a little over confident at that point.

The next activities involved walking on a thin cable about 25 feet up in the air and having to cross over another cable in the middle. I can’t do justice to the level of “learning” and often “panic” that this caused. We were always tethered and safe, but that seemed to provide surprisingly little comfort.

But in the end, it was a really fun and challenging way to spend a Sunday. I didn’t think I’d be challenged.  I was. The activities creatively and firmly reinforced the importance of teamwork. I might still be up on that wire if it weren’t for the great help of my team.

The website for Outward Bound Omaha says that by completing the Hitchcock High Ropes Challenge Course you might discover that there is more in you than you know.

Very true.  You also might find out that there is a great team around you and the importance of working together.

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