Week 52 – Matt

I spent the past four days, sunrise to sunset, at the Cox Classic wandering around the event, helping out where I could and just taking in the tournament, a wonderful community event.

The 9th hole was one of my favorite places to watch and there in front of me near the 9th green was a young man, Matt, from Atlantic, Iowa. He was dressed like a pro golfer with bright shirt or shorts or both (depending on the day) and standing right where the players walk off of the 9th green.

Matt has attended the Cox Classic over the past few years and even talked his parents into getting him out of school for Friday’s round. Matt has collected signed golf balls and other souvenirs from the golfers as they leave the hole as he stands there and applauds.

jason gore golf ballMatt caught my eye, so with the help of the Cox Classic volunteer tent and Lexus of Omaha, I went and got him a bag of stuff…hats, a shirt, and other things from the event.  I also gave him a $50 bill and told him to do with it as he wished.

I never met his parents, although they weren’t far away. They were somewhere in the stands, but clearly they have made their mark on this fine young man.  He was very impressive and handled himself like a professional…maybe a professional golfer someday!

My Giving50x52 presentation to this 12 year old (7th grader) was the most public of all of my gifts during the year. Several others listened in as I told him of my Giving50x52 and my gift to him as week52. I thought best with his age to do this gift in the most public way possible and this blog does not have a picture of him to respect his privacy.

Matt is such a fan of the Cox Classic that he talked his parents into bringing him to Omaha for the event so he could camp out on the 9th green and meet the golfers and get an occasional signed golf ball or other hand out…for three days!  He told me he had well over 40 signed golf balls prior to this tournament and I’m sure he got many more this year.

Matt plays football and basketball, but his passion is golf.

I found it appropriate to end my Giving50x52 year with a young person that impressed and caught my eye. I know that Matt is on the right path and will do great things. He has determination and great family support.  I wish him well!

P.S. Nan, Matt’s Aunt, posted on the main Giving50x52.com page a little more information about Matt. I would agree with all she said as Matt didn’t boast about his aces and was incredibly respectful. He shook my hand and looked me in the eye and was making friends around the 9 green by the minute!


This concludes the year and likely the blog, at least for a while.  A few thoughts on the year:

  • I am very glad I did Giving50x52 and if I had the chance to do it all over again…I would.
  • The journey greatly exceeded my expectations.
  • I am amazed at the wonderful people I met…truly great souls who made as much of an impact on me as I ever could on them.
  • I often felt uncomfortable approaching people for these gifts and was usually out of my comfort zone…and loved it.
  • I learned about some local and international non-profit organizations and the great work they are doing.
  • I learned much about people, organizations…and myself.

I want to thank you for reading, commenting and supporting the journey. The blog, as I suspected, was an absolute necessity to ensure accountability to me to fulfill the year. I can’t imagine completing this year if I didn’t have a public journal to hold me accountable. Having someone actually read some of these blogs was not only a surprise but a tremendous motivator and, again, I am greatly appreciative of your time and following!

God bless!

1 thought on “Week 52 – Matt

  1. This young man is my nephew, I couldn’t be prouder! I want to thank my brother and sister in law for doing such a great job, not just with Matt but the other kids as well!

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